Serving as Ruling Elder

With Revisions from the New Form of Government

By Elaine W. Barnett, Stephens G. Lytch

Publication Date:3/14/2012
Edition: Internet Download
Code: PL0002

This three-session study, "Serving as Ruling Elder," updates a previous study, "Serving as Elder." It is revised based on changes in the new Form of Government. If you have previously purchased "Serving as Elder," the study will be updated automatically on your account.This three-session study provides a comprehensive overview of the role and responsibilities of a church elder.

In the first session, participants will use discussion and reflective questions to help them define the meaning of ordination and to confirm their understanding of some of the key beliefs of Presbyterian elders.

The goal for the second session is to give participants an understanding of Presbyterian polity. We'll also cover some particular ways participants' church's Session functions, and we'll discuss the practical and spiritual benefits of being connected to the larger governing bodies of the PC(USA).

Finally, in session three, participants will address the specific responsibilities assigned to ruling elders by the Book of Order and identify how these areas of mission and ministry play out within a congregation.