The Spirit of Adoption

At Home in God's Family

By Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner

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Publisher:Westminster John Knox Press
Publication Date:5/31/2003
Edition: Paper
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In this heart-felt theology of adoption, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner argues that while the church has long understood the grounding self-concept of a Christian as a "child of God," it has failed to underscore that we all come into the family of faith by adoption. She explores adoption as a central theme in Scripture, as a doctrine of faith, and as a theological metaphor. Further, in using her own experience of adoption to inform her scholarship, Stevenson-Moessner offers help to all those touched by adoption, including adoptive parents. By beginning with chapters on barrenness, conception, and expectant waiting, and moving to discussions of the developing years, the search for identity, and challenges in the adoptive family, her writing begs a wide audience. Including case studies and interviews with adoptive parents, The Spirit of Adoption will be embraced by scholars, counselors, adoptive parents, and adopted children alike.